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Table of Contents
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Cost Control
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From the Corner Office
Aerospace Challenge Prizes Might Inspire Innovation
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Building Orion’s jettison motors
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Nanotubes for strong composites

Engineering Notebook
Fly by voice
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The FAA’s Jim Eck on taming NextGen

Looking Back
A newly discovered asteroid will orbit in loose formation with Earth for centuries.

Career Opportunities
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Looking Back

Bonus Content

26 September 2016, 9:20 a.m. EDT
Aerospace trailblazer Brooke Owens died of
cancer in June at 35. Now a fellowship
program has been launched in her name. 
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The Buzz Over Batteries
The hype over the future of battery-powered jetliners is officially over. Nonetheless, technologists are aiming for breakthroughs that could lead to a new class of super-charged batteries. Read it
by Keith Button

Mission: Fission
NASA is hoping to break space fission’s long history of stops and starts with a new program with deliberately modest power goals. Read it
by Adam Hadhazy

Wanted: An ISR Showdown
With its U-2 headed for an apparently inevitable retirement, Lockheed Martin is hoping to persuade the U.S. Air Force to give its concept spy plane a chance to duke it out with competing concepts.
by Keith Button

Opinion: Doing No Harm
Jetliners and cargo planes have many critical sensors that must be protected from inadvertent damage by ground personnel. Here are specific suggestions for ensuring safety.
by Vahid Norouzalibeik

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