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Bonus Content
USC Overcomes Crash To Win AIAA's Remote Aircraft Competition
By Joe Stumpe, staff reporter
25 April 2017 – University of Southern California students bounced back from a crash to eke out a win Sunday in the 2017 AAIA Design Build Fly contest, while a one-man team from India sparked a kind of international relief effort from dozens of fellow competitors. Read it

NASA’s Search For Life On Europa, Enceladus Just Got Easier
By Tom Risen, staff reporter
13 April 2017 – NASA on Thursday said data collected by the Cassini spacecraft show a strong possibility that the ocean beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus is capable of supporting microbial life. Read it
Editor's Notebook
Measure twice, cut once on space matters
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Letters to the Editor
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From the Corner Office
Building Our Future
Read it

Envisioning “designer aerospace materials”
Read it

The U.S. struggles to free itself of Russian
RD-180 engines
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Earth-observer in chief
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Engineering Notebook
Blackout busters
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Career Opportunities
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Looking Back

Orion Jettison Motor Program Manager Aerojet Rocketdyne

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Some U.S. military strategists think the country’s reliance on geosynchronous satellites for communications and missile warning make it vulnerable to a devastating attack in space. Read it
by Tom Risen

Fly when it’s safe
The Trump administration seems to support spaceflight, but it would be a mistake to rush a crew aboard these untried NASA vehicles.
by Tom Jones

Artificial gravity’s attraction
Spaceflight experts are concerned that exercise won’t be enough to counteract the effects of years in microgravity during missions to the moon and Mars.
by Adam Hadhazy

In the age of drones, stealth and automation, members of Congress and military experts debate whether to keep flying the
 Read it
by Joe Stumpe
We mistakenly published an early draft of the article “Green propellant” in the March issue and consequently the article contained several errors. The corrected article can be found online. Read it
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