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Table of Contents
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The other 4 percent
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From the Corner Office
The Section of the Future
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AIAA Bulletin
AIAA News and Events


Space Resources and Legal Aspects Year-in-Review articles*
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Engineering Notebook
Lockheed Martin’s supersonic X-plane


NASA's William H. Gerstenmaier
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Astronaut's View
Correcting NASA's course

Case Study

James Webb Space Telescope
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Career Opportunities
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Looking Back
100, 75, 50, 25 years ago in January
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Career turning points and future visions
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CO2 watchdogs

Climate scientists are mapping the global distribution of carbon dioxide from orbit. Should the Trump administration and the new Congress continue U.S. investment in this effort? Read it
by Tom Risen

Revitalizing general aviation
The FAA doesn’t like it’s regulations for certifying the airworthiness of aircraft and equipment, so it has revamped them.
by Joe Stumpe

Decision time for Trump
Two leading aerospace journalists analyze the most important decisions facing the incoming administration. Read it
by Henry Canaday and Warren Ferster

Deterring North Korea
The U.S. Missile Defense Agency wants 2017 to be a turning-point year for an anti-missile system the Pentagon knowingly deployed before it was fully developed.
by Michael Peck
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