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Table of Contents
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Our New (Print) Look
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From the Corner Office
Update from the Executive Director
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Northrop Grumman’s Global Hawk: No de-icing necessary?

Rudolf E. Kalman
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P&E Highlights
Highlights from Salt Lake City
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Former astronaut Tony Antonelli on Mars exploration
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Astronaut's View
A newly discovered asteroid will orbit in loose formation with Earth for centuries.

Book Review
Leonard David’s “Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet”

Career turning points and future visions

Career Opportunities
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Looking Back

Bonus Content

26 September 2016, 9:20 a.m. EDT
Brooke Owens died of cancer in June at 35. Over her short career, she worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center; the XPrize Foundation; the White House Office of Management and Budget and the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation.  Full Story


Earthlike exoplanets seem almost certain to exist somewhere in the galaxy, and delivering a photograph of one might be astronomy’s most amazing achievement. Technologists are trying to make that possible, and maybe sooner than you think. Read it
by Adam Hadhazy

Carrier Drone Debate
The Navy has decided that its first full-sized carrier-based unmanned aircraft will be a refueling drone with some intelligence capabilities, rather than an unmanned equivalent of an F/A-18. For some, it’s a big letdown, and possibly a dangerous one.
by Keith Button

Getting humans to the moon or Mars will almost certainly need to be an international endeavor like the construction and on-orbit assembly of the International Space Station. Read it
by John Cook

Freedom from Russian engines
How the U.S. military and intelligence communities became dependent on rocket engines from a geostrategic foe and how to avoid a repeat.
by James Knauf

AIAA Bulletin
AIAA AVIATION 2017 (Make your submissions by 27 October 2016, 2000 hrs EDT. Eighteen technical conferences, special events, and an exemplary plenary program make this a must-attend aviation event!)
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